Svelte First Impressions

The Magical Disappearing UI Framework - a JS framework with no runtime. You can write code in familiar looking components/templates, which gets compiled to vanilla JS to serve to the browser. Created by Rich Harris, of rollup fame. He seems to solo a crazy number of projects, usually small and fast.

Started with some sanity checks. bind:checked works! Seems like an overly simple thing to test for, but checkboxes are important to me.

Component structure and props looks pretty familiar. Looks quite similar to Vue, with some minor syntax differences. e.g. template interpolation uses single {} instead of double. Some parts look more like Handlebars, such as {#each} instead of v-for. But this makes the code vs template parts pretty clear and easy to see, which is good. Has getters and setters for mutating state, and event emitters.

Currently no SSR, but first render is pretty snappy. Generated code is so much nicer to debug that React/Vue.

TLDR: Looks good! Let's make something with it.

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