things I have made

digital garden

an endless plot of emoji vegetables



Drum machine / sampler made with Web Audio API. Create and share 4 bar loops

Play | Source


Realtime web chess with Move Notifications, offline support. Made using Vue, Vuex, and Firebase for auth and sync.

Play | Source

Vape Timer

CSS only
the ephemeral feeling
of a cigarette



CSS Haikus

Short, crappy haikus. Written in and about CSS



A renderer for custom picture frames. Used by Just Framekits and Artdistro.

Demo | Source

A spinning koala. Touch controls to change speed, offline support. Experiment using Workbox for service-worker support, and static hosting on GitLab Pages.

Demo | Source


A simple notepad for notes or lists. Also has a Chrome Extension for New Tab Notes

Demo | Source

What's The Price of Gold?

Serverless demo made to test out Cloudflare Workers. They were good, but the monthly cost didn't justify the joke. Rewritten to a static site.

Site | Source