Useless use of cat - Wikipedia

TLDR use cmd < file, not cat file | cmd

linux cat command line scripting bash

A Guide to Getting Unstuck

productivity work motivation selfcare

Removing and purging files from git history

Wanted to remove a bunch of old/unused binary files that were bloating a repo.

git command line linux

Change macOS user preferences via command line

Explanation and practical uses of defaults in macos

macos command line settings

macos - How to enable/disable grayscale mode in Accessibility via Terminal

Useful to have a script/clickable thing for this as I toggle it on/off frequently

macos scripting accessibility grayscale

Location, Privilege and Performant Websites

web performance javascript bloat

Chaos Design: Before the robots take our jobs, can we please get them to help us do some good work?

Phenomenonly written and researched, with amazing demos and ideas throughout. Multi-themed components being visible in dev is a wonderful idea

What Is Zombie Simpsons? | Dead Homer Society

Text Editing Hates You Too

code editing standards

The Whitewashing of “#WhitePeopleDoingYoga” – Mother Jones

art racism culture

An Illustrated Guide to Useful Command Line Tools | Hacker News

Some additional useful bits in comments (also a lot of 'just use x'). Actual list has some gems in it: repgrep, podman, mdcat etc

linux command line tools

Memex: Browser Extension to full-text search your browsing history and bookmarks

This looks very useful. Full-text search and some other convenient integrations

productivity notes bookmarks tools web pdf

Free for developers

Massive list of tools and SaaSes, some free, some with free quotas listed.

code tools saas hosting resources free

Excavating AI

Digging through the history of biases and problems with training data and categories used for ML tasks

politics ai bias psychology

Learning How to Think: The Skill No One Taught You

The best way to practice is to spend time thinking

thinking psychology learning knowledge

The First 1940s Coders Were Women – So How Did Tech Bros Take Over?

tech history

Parse .env file on command line

.env files were the thing that made me stop pasting credentials directly in my WIP files.

linux bash security

How to Resample a Drum Break Accurately in Bitwig

Still trying to figure out the UI and layout of Bitwig, finding these kind of focused tutorials worth it for navigation alone

music drums bitwig

My Favourite Git Commit

Refreshingly professional. My usual favourite commits are either Developers Swearing or awful puns.

git code

Coffee is Hard

The ludicrous complexity of everyday activities is never as obvious as when you ary to add it to a game.

games code coffee

Design Bias is Ruining Accessibility

Accessibility won't work as an afterthought, it needs to be part of the process.
Making sites accessible makes them better for all users. Real-life example of this is curb-ramps.

accessibility design

The Hot Potato Process

Great pushback on the one-way design -> developer handover that often happens.

I've had some great pairing sessions with designers over video calls this year. I am curious to try using recordings to bridge time gaps.


Bullshit.js | Hacker News

Cloud-to-butt but for all bullshit buzzwords

Journaling :: Up and to the Right

Nicely written piece, and great website

writing journaling

Caring about tomorrow

Why haven’t we stopped climate change? We’re not wired to empathize with our descendants. Artificial distance that we add to 'other people'

environment psychology

Don't Ruin Readability for Performance

Possible counterpoint: if the text doesn't render due to slow perf then readability is also affected.

Though only comparisons of text-rendering: optimizeSpeed; vs optimizeLegibility are from a while ago, unsure
if this is still a legit perf issue anyway.

performance accessibility css

Smoother & sharper shadows with layered box-shadows

design css

Brittany Chiang | Software Engineer

Some nice animations and flourishes. Source project includes color palette!

WeWork and Counterfeit Capitalism

As it turns out, the S-1 was correct; Neumann was pivotal to WeWork, because WeWork only exists due to his ability to get money from investors.

Climate Denial

Personal triggers are more persuasive that any other arguments or data. Future and far away people are harder to imagine than seeing change in a place you know. Image from ShowYourStripes is striking.

climate environment

Ask HN: How Do You Read?

Solid advice on reading, annotating, and selecting

books reading

Optics Illustrations from the Physics Textbooks of Amédée Guillemin (1868/1

optical illusions art physics

Software 2.0 - Andrej Karpathy - Medium

code future predections software neural networks

Writing HTML in HTML

html code web

Celebrated Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary

writing journaling creativity thinking

Designing an audio adblocker for radio and podcasts

Soon after Adblock Radio gained some traction in 2016, I have received lawyer threats from French radio networks (more details below). I had to partially shut the website down, change its architecture, better understand the legal ramifications, etc

adblock audio machine learning

A blogging style guide | Robert Heaton

Some solid rules for writing better. A lot of structure, a bit on content, and some process suggestions

writing styleguide blog

I Used The Web For A Day Using A Screen Reader

Tips from and case studies of using a few websites with a screenreader. TLDR make your markup valid and lightweight, keep headings in correct order, and add assistive tags.

accessibility screen readers web voice empathy assistive technology

The art of working in public

How to write about things you are working on without giving away secrets or spoilers


The Algorithmic Trap — David Perell

The worldwide sameness that results from everyone chasing the same internet aesthetic, and impact on tourist experiences.

Depending on algorithms, however, doesn’t work as well in cities, where culture is more important than geography

travel tourism internet