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Unit Testing is Overrated

Strongly agree with this. Some choice pieces:

Aggressively popularized “best practices” often have a tendency of manifesting cargo cults around them, enticing developers to apply design patterns or use specific approaches without giving them a much needed second thought

Naming tests in accordance to specifications rather than classes has an additional advantage of removing that unnecessary coupling. Now, if we decide to rename SolarCalculator to something else or move it to a different directory, the test names won’t need to be updated to reflect that.

To summarize, we can conclude that it’s a good idea to partition tests based on threads of behavior, rather than the code’s internal structure.

The "write your code so it's easy to test" idea is silly. Write your code so it's easy to read. Test speed should barely be a consideration for your 200 line side project. Cypress tests are easy to read and actually test that stuff works. Test speed does become a factor eventyally, but worry about it then, rather than upfront.

tests unit tests cargo cults

Working From Home

All too relatable. I have been struggling with this for years

remote work worklife

On Trouser Pockets

Amazing write up, and clever outcome. Waist-level pockets are indeed stupid or poorly design most of the time, The reach/support diagram is a good illustration of the problem space

design pants

Do you know how much your computer can do in a second?

Great writeup, and fun to go through the questions and explanations. I really went off the rails with grep and parsing estimates, others were mostly solvable.

HN Discussion has people alternately arguing about whether modern programs are fast, or bloated and slow.

I don't think Moore's Law is an excuse to not worry about program performance, and the current slew of slow apps (web and otherwise) is not acceptable. Many electron apps really do feel slow. Waiting for my password manager to open (either electron app or chrome extension) is frustrating. It's minor, but it's friction to something that needs to be frictionless.

That isn't to say that can't be made fast. VSCode is a good example - that uses electron but has remainined very performant. They got boot up time down real low (actually relevant for me as I open/close sessions often). BUt on my older laptop (4gb RAM) I can't have it open alongside browser, so mostly use editors in the terminal. It does still mostly work, but they have focused on perf speed rather than footprint. Still some tradeoffs to be made there, and again another hard thing to think about.

There are definite costs to the abstractions, but also benefits. But none of this is free. Perf is hard, and computers being faster doesn't mean we don't have to think about it - time has been unchanged. Only our expectations have (of features and speed).

performance computers

Vim: Open file with cursor at the end

2 hours saving 10 seconds per file open twice a day is an egregious violation of the xkcd rule, but it was fun and I learned a lot about Vim automation in the process.

AND saved me 2 hours as I simply found this on google

vim scripting automation

Why the Golden Gate Bridge Is Now a Giant Orange Wheezing Kazoo

engineering sound

Where did RSS come from?

it was more of a synthesis, one idea leading to another and then another

I think a lot of things are developed in that way, but people still love the inventor/flash-of-inspiration narrative

rss history

Why Substack is Doomed

Most of it hinges on this:

I don’t foresee enough people paying for niche newsletters for this model to be feasible.

I don't know enough to have an opinion on this. People are quite cheap with written content, in particular for niche publications vs a newspaper/journal that publishes across a range. But there are also a lot of people on the internet, so who knows.

blogs self-hosting funding

Gitlab build fails with docker image cypress/included:3.8.3 #6279

Good explanations & debugging tips in there, and entrypoint: [""] was the solution I needed!

cypress gitlab gitlab CI debugging docker

npm scripts for Docker

I didn't know about pre/post for all scripts in npm!

docker npm scripts

File syncing tools - syncthing, dat, git-annex

git-annex warrants another look.

How to think about uni-disciplinary advice

Instead, you should try to blend together the needed disciplines as best you can, consulting others when necessary, an offer the best plan you can, namely the best plan all things considered.

That might fill you with horror, but please recall from Tetlock that usually the generalists are the best predictors.

economics politics policy simulatation

Automated gradient generator

art graphics animation

The Svelte Compiler Handbook

Very readable, similar to super tiny compiler

js compilers svelte scripts

Pascal's Pensées, by Blaise Pascal

books gutenberg

Salaries for different levels of job for a bunch of companies

work salary data

It’s Time to Get Back to RSS

content attention advertising rss

In defense of the modern web

I really like the original one, and this is a solid reply

web performance javascript tooling js ecosystem

Second-guessing the modern web

Lot of good parts

The high performance parts aren’t React. Mapbox GL, for example, is vanilla JavaScript and probably should be forever. The level of abstraction that React works on is too high, and the cost of using React - in payload, parse time, and so on - is too much for any company to include it as part of an SDK. Same with the Observable runtime, the juicy center of that product: it’s very performance-intensive and would barely benefit from a port.

The less interactive parts don’t benefit much from React. Listing pages, static pages, blogs - these things are increasingly built in React, but the benefits they accrue are extremely narrow. A lot of the optimizations we’re deploying to speed up these things, things like bundle splitting, server-side rendering, and prerendering, are triangulating what we had before the rise of React.

web performance frameworks opinion

Fabrice Bellard's Home Page

Amazing collection of large numbers and small languages

browsers vms emulators c

How Low Can Your Logo

This is joy

design logos

Reducing Asset Size With Subsetting


css performance fonts

ASK HN: Why did you leave the tech industry?

That squares with my experience of software development. It's like being a furniture maker but spending 80% of your time fixing your goddamn hammer because it keeps breaking and no better hammers exist, or consulting glue-drying tables because they keep changing your glue on you every hour or two and for no good reason every single glue performs differently while accomplishing the same thing.

jobs tech work

Social repos

Ive noticed some people use github almost like a social network. A rough analogy to Twitter would be that starring a repo is similar to liking a tweet, and forking it is almost like a retweet.

Desktop to mobile changes preferences and behavior

Knowledge Debt

Love this term - this is exactly how I learn. Start by skipping over the details,
develop a coarse understanding, then refine your knowledge by learning about specific areas in more detail.

knowledge learning programming

Monitor your web page's total memory usage with performance.measureMemory()

web performance javascript web memory profiling

Economics in One Lesson

It is a long lesson that I am still not through, will see if it can live up to the bold claim of its title

economics books

Artwork made with valora


art generative art rust

Book Review: The Precipice

books science apocalypse statistics

Ask HN : How are you coping with all the (mostly bad) news around you?

Many helpful perspectives

An app can be a home-cooked meal

Great way to learn things, and to make exactly the thing you want.

HN discussion

development software programming – Overly descriptive color palettes

The Show HN for this has some alternate great tools for similar things

CO2 emissions on the web

Interesting estimates and numbers - clientside savings really add up.

In fact, it is probably the most effective use of my time when it comes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Just last week I reduced global emissions by an estimated 59.000 kg CO2 per month by removing a 20 kB JavaScript
dependency in Mailchimp for WordPress. There’s no way I can have that kind of effect in other areas of my life.

environment web

Exponential-growth bias and overconfidence☆


statistics psychology data

Apple just killed Offline Web Apps while purporting to protect your privacy: why that’s A Bad Thing and why you should care

webapps apple offline

John Gardner: Education and Excellence

knowledge speeches career

IAM RoadSmart Infotainment Research 2020

Continuing on why touchscreens are a shitty interface, especially for vehicles

safety cars touchscreens

Build, gather, brawl, repeat: The history of real-time strategy games

rts games history

Postgres EXPLAIN Visualizer 2 (pev2)

postgres db

Explorable Explanations

Interactive examples to learn through reading and play. I looked at a music one and it was one of the best visualisations of notes/harmony I've seen

learning art music

Here’s What a Googol-to-One Gear Ratio Looks Like


Stylus : Broken links to install Chrome extension : Hacker News

I was looking for stylus when this was posted! The danger of letting corps gatekeep your application is that it can disappear

walled gardens app stores

The Ultimate Digital Clean-Up Checklist

Went through a few of these in December and was pretty great. Unsubscribing from services/lists, and deleting a bunch of notification mails.

When I joined the tech industry in my early 20s and for years after, I noticed t... : Hacker News

I noticed this as well. Went from wanting to code all the time, to wanting to do something not web related in spare time. Hobbies are important!

tech burnout hobbies

How to read self-help

books self-help

The Business Innovation of Star Trek

Constrain the infinite vastness of space to the bridge of a single ship

storytelling business

You Will Never Be A Full Stack Developer

tech web

The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake

Demystifying post-GFC economics; the problem with scarcity; interest rates; long political cycles; and the end of history

The problem with economic model of scarcity. More savings does not mean more spending - people eventually have enough cash and enough things; at this point they are taking more money out of the economy than putting back in.

economics finance politics

Absurdly, comically simple is the way to go

I love this, and have experienced it first hand too many times. But a single text file has worked well for me, and saved.

writing tools productivity

Stepping Feet Illusion : Hacker News

Few other interesting ones in comments. I am terrified of the McCollough effect

However, Jones and Holding (1975) found that 15 minutes of induction, when time-elapse testing is employed, can lead to an effect lasting up to 2.8 months

optical illusions

Do u even DIY, bro?

A look at the music industry. You can't make money from album sales, or from touring. Either have to do it as a hobby or get into the merchandice game.

music culture

The limits of high speed rail

A walk through how fast different types of train can go, and why. Great balance of history and physics, detailed but without too much assumed knowledge.

transport trains physics

Game AI Pro

All three volumes of Game AI Pro available online! For free!

books ai gamedev development

A Dropbox account gave me stomach ulcers

A wonderful, horrifying read. This makes me feel better about all the terrible things I've ever done on computers

server hosting wtf

Andrei Tarkovsky’s Message to Young People: “Learn to Be Alone,” Enjoy Solitude

solitude health

The iPad Awkwardly Turns 10

Tablet multi-tasking is awful, and inconsistent. The form factor has potential, but it hasn't made much use of it yet

Pork for a Change?

More negative knock-on effects from decades of demonizing fat

meat health

Free Audio Books : Download Great Books for Free : Hacker News

Some great suggestions - assessing quality of free stuff is always tricky (esp audio), so a high-level filter is a good start

books public domain audiobooks

Against History

Reasons not to study the history of philosophy. Greek/Roman writings are not sacred texts!

history philosophy

Home ownership is the West’s biggest economic-policy mistake

We continue to encourage an outmoded mode of home ownership, and incentivize buying in spite of no economic argument


Reverse engineering course : Hacker News

Course is WIP, chapters are all very short but shows promise. Some good other links to courses and material in HN thread

security cpp courses open source

Pollution · Patrick Collison

Day-to-day negative effects of pollution on indiviudals

environment pollution

The Case Against Huawei

china huawei

Plastic Pollution

environment plastic

USB 3.0* Radio Frequency Interference on 2.4 GHz Devices

Using an external harddrive interferes with wireless keyboard and mouse

Goodbye, Clean Code

DRY code is not always better code. Duplication is often better than shitty abstractions

programming code DRY

Reality has a surprising amount of detail

engineering analysis

RTL Styling 101

I was hoping for a way to minimize margin left/right overrides, but sadly not. Bunch of other issues that come up with Arabic text - underlines, letter-spacing, opacity, font-weight, and others

css rtl accessibility

Software disenchantment

watching/waiting for node deps to install almost causes me physical pain

You don’t have to be a genius to write fast programs. There’s no magic trick. The only thing required is not building on top of a huge pile of crap that modern toolchain is

software performance bloat

False Humility Will Not Save the Planet

We need solutions that are less terrible for the environment, but 'living in harmony with nature' is basically a fallacy; seeking that is longing for an age that never existed.

environment climate technology

Stupid Unix Tricks 11 October 2019

Excellent tips. Reading this makes me feel like my security is atrocious

linux unix scripts security

Key practices for achieving large professional goals

I had this exact same paper day schedule! Not exactly a groundbreaking discovery, but the half-hour blocks and height of the page are both great limitations

Electron is flash for the desktop

Users: Please complain more about slow programs. Its 2016. We carry supercomputers in our pockets. Its simply not ok for apps to be sluggish.

It is no longer 2016, but nothing else in this piece has changed :(

electron flash web performance bloat

How to Section Your HTML

web html semantics accessibility

Ask HN: What niche blogs are worthwhile to follow?

Good place to look for things to read. Going to try scheduled redirect from Twitter to this page and see if I end up wasting more or less time

blogs reading web

Managing Ubuntu Snaps: the stuff no one tells you

Dammit snap where are my files

linux snap scripts

The End of WordPress Themes is in Sight

This is less drastic than I thought. With more block editing, themes will be used for styling, but no longer for layout


Ask HN: Full-on machine learning for 2020, what are the best resources?

Honestly, skip all of the courses. Pick a problem to solve, start googling for common models that are used to solve the problem, then go on github, find code that solves that problem or a similar one

There is mixed consensus on this. But copy-pasting snippets to solve my problems is how I've learned to program so far; why should ML be any different.

learning machine learning resources code

Everything I googled in a week as a professional software engineer

Interesting activity to try. I feel like I would google may more than this

Why JavaScript Tooling Sucks

javascript tooling

Voidcall: 13kb RTS game in WebGL

games webgl javascript js13k js13kGames amazing

Tell HN: 500 unread mails, 2K unread articles, 5K unread posts – I am drowning

This made me feel better both for the suggestions, and because I had nowhere near as many. TLDR just delete most stuff as it doesn't actually matter

information overload fomo productivity organisation

Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep" Is Riddled with Scientific and Factual Errors

I particularly like the interlude:

no, you can't randomly cite 2,000-page-long books and hope nobody will read them

sleep science fact-checking reading books

How to Create the Apple Fifth Avenue Cube in WebGL

javascript webgl howto design animation

A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web

Keep pages simple and self-contained

web linkrot content

Hammerspoon – macOS automation with Lua : Hacker News

automation scripts lua macos

CBT In The Water Supply

Effect of the spread of information from fringe to broad adoption to "everyone knows this"

psychology media

Amy “Ruins Social Media” Hoy on Twitter

Amazing thread


The Design of Browsing and Berrypicking Techniquies for the Online Search Interface

Paper from 1989(!) looking at different methods people use to find information. There are six main categories, most online search continues to only use one or two

search ui ux research

Why is JavaScript not compiled to bytecode before sending over the network?

javascript performance

This is normal part 1: what normal maps are and how they work

Fantastic explanation

graphics normal maps 3d

What Happened To 90s Environmentalism?

environment history society psychology

Welcome to Airspace

More local example of homogenous diversity. At larger scale all cities start to look the same as well

sharing economy design globalization aesthetics airbnb society

Tradeoffs: The Currency of Decision Making

decision making economics science psychology productivity

Bash best practices

This is SO helpful. Have had this page open as a reference for writing and fixing scripts, and started using Bash Boilerplate a bit as well

bash scripting amazing

Finally getting somewhere

Static v. dynamic languages

nbdev: use Jupyter Notebooks for everything

programming ide code python jupyter machine learning

Bitcoin, 11-years in

Kill sticky headers

design accessibility css dark patterns

Snigbo's ImageMagick pages

I Like To Build Things That Way


New York’s Subway Map Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

transport maps design

French Artist Paul Sougy’s Stunning Mid-Century Scientific Illustrations of Plants, Animals, and the Human Body

art science biology history

Kotlin Playground: Edit, Run, Share Kotlin Code Online

kotlin repl

Recipes for Performance Testing Single Page Applications in WebPageTest

performance javascript


web firefox mozilla devtools javascript debugging

The Four Tools of Discipline

Elastic: Flexible Thinking in a Constantly Changing World

thinking decision making brains

Brunello Cucinelli

Why I Never Use Shallow Rendering

javascript testing shallow rendering


design design tools awesome lists

What Are Design Tokens?

Love this. Doesn't need to be stored as JSON either, can convert from whatever and generate

design css design systems style guides

A cron job that could save you from a ransomware attack

I have been obsessed with rsync lately

security backups rsync data

Group Chat: The Best Way to Totally Stress Out Your Team

chat slack work

The Tools are Here

How to do hard things

Identifying what specificially the hard things are, then adjusting the task to add/remove difficulty

CSS{ In Real Life }

css snippets

Minimal Viable Programs - Joe Armstrong - Erlang and other stuff

code mvp startups

First 90 days with Syncthing

syncthing backups reviews

Zombie Miles And Napa Weekends: How A Week With Chauffeurs Showed The Major

Very clever approach to estimating impact of self-driving cars. Interesting that budget limited a lot of the scope. Since this should be pretty important, but also that saving money is going to be a benefit of this!

Small sample size + novelty surely impacted the effect of a driver. Also that they can get out of the car and do stuff, whereas doing groceries or drycleaning you'd still need human intervention

Preventing Injury: 8 Best Hand and Wrist Exercises for Computer Users

Also remember to take damn breaks

health computers stretches hands

SteamVR/Frame Timing - Valve Developer Community

vr steamvr performance profiling

Leapfrogging the IDE

programming code editor future

XO - XLN Audio

Novel concept to visualise audio samples

Building from Source · Onivim 2 User Manual

Yet another vim alternative to try

editors code

Reducing activation energy for writing

Copied verbatim because I love this:

  1. Observe the world, pay attention to things.
  2. Jot down snippets of observations/ideas in a single Google Docs document (available on almost any platform). Don't try to organize it. Keep it really simple. The key is to keep it low effort and frictionless.
  3. Look over the Google Docs document from time to time. When you have enough ideas coalescing in a cluster/theme, feel them out. When the cluster feels like it's ready i.e. you feel an emotional connection to it, start writing. Important tip: don't feel you have to finish writing in one sitting -- you can stop, let your writing sit, and keep re-clustering until you have something that is worth putting out there.

The World-Wide Work. — Ethan Marcotte

Combo of talk + write-up below is excellent

web work ethics history

no_plugins/no_plugins.vim at master · changemewtf/no_plugins

How to do what vim plugins do with just vim

vim config editing

Dynamic SVG Animation with CSS Variables

I like the sidebar underlines and main page heaxagon anims on this

svg css web animation custom properties css variables

code.talks 2019 - 20 Terrible Ways to Reverse a String

This is glorious

code talks strings satire

Beware the Metagame

code programming

One more lane will fix it...

transport traffic environment

Useless use of cat - Wikipedia

TLDR use cmd < file, not cat file | cmd

linux cat command line scripting bash

A Guide to Getting Unstuck

productivity work motivation selfcare

Removing and purging files from git history

Wanted to remove a bunch of old/unused binary files that were bloating a repo.

git command line linux

Change macOS user preferences via command line

Explanation and practical uses of defaults in macos

macos command line settings

macos - How to enable/disable grayscale mode in Accessibility via Terminal

Useful to have a script/clickable thing for this as I toggle it on/off frequently

macos scripting accessibility grayscale

Location, Privilege and Performant Websites

web performance javascript bloat

Chaos Design: Before the robots take our jobs, can we please get them to help us do some good work?

Phenomenonly written and researched, with amazing demos and ideas throughout. Multi-themed components being visible in dev is a wonderful idea

Scott Galloway on Twitter: "#GrubHub my thoughts on UberMoney

startups finance

What Is Zombie Simpsons? | Dead Homer Society

Text Editing Hates You Too

code editing standards

The Whitewashing of “#WhitePeopleDoingYoga” – Mother Jones

art racism culture

Finding my People — Stephanie Hurlburt

Not everyone’s going to be my people, or each other’s people. No one in any group large enough is going to like everyone, or even be neutral to everyone— there’s gonna be some “get away from me” and strong dislike floating around, there are going to be divides. Pleasing every single person means being close to no one.

An Illustrated Guide to Useful Command Line Tools | Hacker News

Some additional useful bits in comments (also a lot of 'just use x'). Actual list has some gems in it: repgrep, podman, mdcat etc

linux command line tools

Memex: Browser Extension to full-text search your browsing history and bookmarks

This looks very useful. Full-text search and some other convenient integrations

productivity notes bookmarks tools web pdf

Free for developers

Massive list of tools and SaaSes, some free, some with free quotas listed.

code tools saas hosting resources free

Excavating AI

Digging through the history of biases and problems with training data and categories used for ML tasks

politics ai bias psychology

Hard to watch Twitter become less useful, valuable, and interesting with new ad insertion ratios

Interesting post/thread.

Insert more ads. Signal to noise goes down. Value to user shrinks. Value of user to advertisers decreases. Insert more ads. A vicious cycle that de-prioritizes the user experience.

web advertising twitter

How a Decision Journal Changed the Way I make Decisions (with example)

Good strategy to minimize hindsight bias and try to improve quality of decisions. Interesting point from some interview: good decisions that have bad outcomes (due to chance) are better than bad decisions with good outcomes, as the latter reinforces bad decisions.

decision making knowledge productivity writing

Learning How to Think: The Skill No One Taught You

The best way to practice is to spend time thinking

thinking psychology learning knowledge

The First 1940s Coders Were Women – So How Did Tech Bros Take Over?

tech history

Parse .env file on command line

.env files were the thing that made me stop pasting credentials directly in my WIP files.

linux bash security

Using DevTools Features Without Opening DevTools

tech web devtools chrome puppeteer

How to Resample a Drum Break Accurately in Bitwig

Still trying to figure out the UI and layout of Bitwig, finding these kind of focused tutorials worth it for navigation alone

music drums bitwig

My Favourite Git Commit

Refreshingly professional. My usual favourite commits are either Developers Swearing or awful puns.

git code

Coffee is Hard

The ludicrous complexity of everyday activities is never as obvious as when you ary to add it to a game.

games code coffee

Design Bias is Ruining Accessibility

Accessibility won't work as an afterthought, it needs to be part of the process.
Making sites accessible makes them better for all users. Real-life example of this is curb-ramps.

accessibility design

The Hot Potato Process

Great pushback on the one-way design -> developer handover that often happens.

I've had some great pairing sessions with designers over video calls this year. I am curious to try using recordings to bridge time gaps.


Bullshit.js | Hacker News

Cloud-to-butt but for all bullshit buzzwords

I find journaling indispensable

HN thread has some other interesting ideas/templates for daily docs

writing journaling

Journaling :: Up and to the Right

Nicely written piece, and great website

writing journaling

Caring about tomorrow

Why haven’t we stopped climate change? We’re not wired to empathize with our descendants. Artificial distance that we add to 'other people'

environment psychology

Don't Ruin Readability for Performance

Possible counterpoint: if the text doesn't render due to slow perf then readability is also affected.

Though only comparisons of text-rendering: optimizeSpeed; vs optimizeLegibility are from a while ago, unsure
if this is still a legit perf issue anyway.

performance accessibility css

Smoother & sharper shadows with layered box-shadows

design css

Brittany Chiang | Software Engineer

Some nice animations and flourishes. Source project includes color palette!

Why I Write - DESK Magazine

From the author of "Love letter to my website", using writing to organise the mess inside your brain


WeWork and Counterfeit Capitalism

As it turns out, the S-1 was correct; Neumann was pivotal to WeWork, because WeWork only exists due to his ability to get money from investors.

Climate Denial

Personal triggers are more persuasive that any other arguments or data. Future and far away people are harder to imagine than seeing change in a place you know. Image from ShowYourStripes is striking.

climate environment

Ask HN: How Do You Read?

Solid advice on reading, annotating, and selecting

books reading

Consume less, create more

how to make better use of commute or dead time

productivity creativity art writing

This Ain’t Disney: A practical guide to CSS transitions and animations

tech web css animation design

Optics Illustrations from the Physics Textbooks of Amédée Guillemin (1868/1

optical illusions art physics

Software 2.0 - Andrej Karpathy - Medium

code future predections software neural networks

Writing HTML in HTML

html code web

Ask HN: How do you stay disciplined in the long run?


How to manipulate CSS colors with JavaScript

css custom properties javascript animation

GPT-2 As Step Toward General Intelligence | Slate Star Codex

ai language

Our Increasingly Fascist Public Discourse

politics racism history language

Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure—Ste

Sometimes I think "I am a huge nerd". Then I read things like this and feel either normal or inadequate.

biography productivity computers

Celebrated Writers on the Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary

writing journaling creativity thinking

Most of What You Read on the Internet is Written by Insane People

Stats on editors/content for reddit, Amazon, and Wikipedia

wikipedia internet web content statistics

Designing an audio adblocker for radio and podcasts

Soon after Adblock Radio gained some traction in 2016, I have received lawyer threats from French radio networks (more details below). I had to partially shut the website down, change its architecture, better understand the legal ramifications, etc

adblock audio machine learning

The Wavefunction Collapse Algorithm explained very clearly | Robert Heaton

algorithms physics games code

A blogging style guide | Robert Heaton

Some solid rules for writing better. A lot of structure, a bit on content, and some process suggestions

writing styleguide blog

I Used The Web For A Day Using A Screen Reader

Tips from and case studies of using a few websites with a screenreader. TLDR make your markup valid and lightweight, keep headings in correct order, and add assistive tags.

accessibility screen readers web voice empathy assistive technology

The art of working in public

How to write about things you are working on without giving away secrets or spoilers


The Algorithmic Trap — David Perell

The worldwide sameness that results from everyone chasing the same internet aesthetic, and impact on tourist experiences.

Depending on algorithms, however, doesn’t work as well in cities, where culture is more important than geography

travel tourism internet

Recursivity: Columnists go ga-ga over Reagan letter that demonstrates what a tool he was

politics history