I often start a long running command and then realise I didn't start tmux.
probably npm install. Or a long awaited apt update.

I remembered reading something before on "move current command to tmux".
Went looking for that and found this SO

ctrl z                   # pause the process
bg                       # resume it in the background
jobs -l
# get process number
reptyr pid

cannot test right now as I don't have repytr installed. More importanntly, I don't
want to remember that much. That's a lot of things to type every time.

Why not start tmux automatically when shell starts!

From SO

# warning this <mark>may</mark> now corrupt your Ubuntu logins
if [[ ! $TERM =~ screen ]]; then
    exec tmux

BUT, as they go on with:

However, there is a very small risk this can make bash behave in a way that other programs don't expect, since running bash can possibly cause it to turn into a tmux process, so it might be better to modify how you start your terminal emulator.

This does not sound good. So instead I will start auto-start tmux when launching the terminal emulator.

From Medium post

Navigate to “Preferences > Profiles > PROFILE >Command > Send text at start” and set it to:

tmux ls && read tmux_session && tmux attach -t ${tmux_session:-default} || tmux new -s ${tmux_session:-default}

This caused an error

Failed to execute tmux

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