Self-Hosting File Sync

I've been investigating self-hosted Dropbox alternatives. Partly privacy, partly due to running low on space all the time. Based on time
investment, it would have been cheaper to just pay Dropbox but here we are.


For no reason in particular, the current shortlist is Syncthing and Nextcloud. For score reasonably green on Wikipedia's Comparison of file sync software. Also considering Seafile, but have not looked for into it yet.


This seems like a Dropbox replacement.


More of an application suite that also does file sync.

At this stage I've installed both Nextcloud and Syncthing, and doing some trial syncs for a few different workflows. Will try adding a tonne of files to Nextcloud and see if I get any slowdown or resource usage. Would be happy enough to continue using both, use Syncthing primarily, and as a backend for Nextcloud files, then use Nextcloud for more application-y stuff.

Next thing to look into is backups.

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