Antisocial Business

We've really managed to fuck up contact pages over the past decade. The contact page was a pretty simple concept. You would list email address, maybe a phone number, maybe have a contact form if you were particularly fancy (or a business..).

Now contact pages tend to have a link to the company facebook page, sometimes accompanied by either a form that doesn't work, or an email address that noone checks. So annoyingly, if I actually want a timely response it usually means messaging over Facebook. Real identity, walled-garden, I-don't-actually-agree-with-some-of-the-terms arguments aside, this annoys me for a technical reason.

Facebook allows chatbots. Chatbots had the potential to be great. But they are still fucking awful and noone uses them. So the only reason facebook response is faster is because people are on there all the goddamn time. There are just people manning these accounts to respond to enquiries. We've lost the simplicity of FAQs to only-the-most-recent comments, and lost potential email/chat automation by people just being content being on FB every waking hour. This is not a good direction if I just want to know your return policy.

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