The Easy Lazy Thing

It's very easy to put things off, so that's what I usually do. The most common way is getting stuck on some tiny detail, then obsessing over that and choosing not to proceed. Tech things are great for this - you can get stuck on tech stack, hardware choices, platforms to use, needless future planning. Millions of tiny details. Most don't matter.

A big one for me was always to put off writing. I won't write a todo list without a quick runthrough of 5 or 6 different options for this. Plain text is simple and portable, but maybe I want formatting or embedded content. List-specific apps are often too short, and some tasks need a bit more details and description. I need something that works reliably offline, but that also syncs between phone and a few computers. At this point people often suggest paper, but I tend not to complete those or just leave them in another room. I've fot todos on my whiteboard (which is right next to the damn desk) from weeks ago.

What helps with all this is having a good easy default thing. It doesn't have to be the best thing. Or even a particularly great thing. If it's not actively terrible then it's better than indecisive stagnation.

I started actually writing semi regularly when I had a single synced file as my default notepad. I occasionally start stuff there and move it, but a lot of the random notes just stay there which is just fine for now. Doing the thing is better than researching 10 alternative ways of doing the thing, and developing a framework to compare them.

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