In-Between Time

There's a lot written about deep work, and flow states, the maker manager schedule, and the general importance of long uninterrupted blocks of time. But I often struggle to find these. I go days or weeks where little distractions keep popping up, and have a lot of shorter blocks.

Right now it's 10 minutes at a train station. That's long enough to be a slightly boring wait, but not a great environment for relaxing, meditating or thinking. Not quite long enough to leave the station and walk to coffee and get back. And I don't want to default to clearing a few articles/emails off my phone; that is a losing battle and basically a waste of time.

It is just enough time to write a couple paragraphs, which is probably a better outcome than gettig wired on coffee anyway.

Going to try to make productive use of these little snippets of down time. That isn't to say I'll be always-on. Intentionally switching off is important. And proper, real, unstructured, unoptimized downtime; time to be bored or let your mind wander. But not at the train station.

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