Preventing Info FOMO

This year was the first time I was above inbox zero since I started doing it early in the decade. I got through most of my action-required emails (don't get many of those), so it was mainly newsletters with either longer articles or links. The link newsletters are risky, since it looks easy to read by can quickly turn into 10+ tabs that will take much longer to read.

But they could (and do!) contain valuable learnings, so I always added them to my read later list. For emails this just mean leaving them unread, in the Updates tab, where they don't take up my attention but are constant back of mind growing list of things to do.

Couple of good reads this month helped me get over this. Driving force was the Ultimate Digital Cleanup checklist which suggests deleting update/notification emails, and unsubscribing from newsletters you no longer want. I had already done this for some, but tried with stricter criteria for what to keep.

Other one was this HN post with someone in a way worse spot. This both made me feel better about my own to-read list, and having many people say "just delete everything it doesn't actually matter" was reassuring.

Funnily, I saved this to Pocket so it could be added to /links. Then Pocket tells me I have a 900+ item backlog!!! It is a great idea though I love this feature

Pocket's Listen feature promotion telling me I have 948 things to read

Finally, listened to this great podcast, which looks at 500 years of information overload. Once books could be mass produced (i.e. not take a scribe 1 year to write) then there were too many books to read in a lifetime.

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