I switch between browsers quite a lot, mostly between firefox and chromium-based ones depending on what I'm doing or my current mood. Because of this I haven't been able to rely on bookmarks from browser, and prefer somewhere centrol to keep links. Pocket has extensions for most browers, and gives a quite decent overlay UI for saving links and adding tags. The only thing I couldn't add was notes. I like to add short descriptions or notes and sometimes cross-link things to help remember and find things later.

linksync is a simple script that grabs items from the Pocket API that I've tagged with 'links', grabs some data from each, and adds a new item in my websites links folder (as a draft). It will then pop up on my computer later. I'll maybe add a description or some additional tags, then save and publish the site. Eventually would like to automate that as well, but haven't decided how I want it to work yet. Probably just publish master will be simplest.

Quick recap of making a Pocket app:

  1. Create a Pocket Application and give it the Retreive permission.
  2. Manually went through the steps in the Pocket Authentication API Docs
  3. Add queries from the Pocket Retreive API
  4. Store last_updated value to only fetch recently added items

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