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  1. Quitting is easier than cutting back decision making willpower
  2. My favorite code is my worst code
  3. Reducing use of Array.reduce javascript reduce programming
  4. Framer Project History
  5. The right way to disable CSS animations
  6. Better mobile screenshots responsive css
  7. Preventing Info FOMO
  8. undisturbed productivity attention focus tech
  9. Automate Later scripts planning linux tech
  10. linksync tech linux cron
  11. AMP's Branding Problem tech javascript AMP PWA Google
  12. How to check your IP address tech linux internet ip
  13. Jekyll to Eleventy
  14. Long File Names > Excessive Subfolders
  15. new URL()
  16. In-Between Time
  17. Going Grayscale attention productivity
  18. The Easy Lazy Thing
  19. How I Read reading books me
  20. I hate the news
  21. Antisocial Business
  22. Mock network requests with Puppeteer javascript webdev puppeteer
  23. Problems with HTML number inputs
  24. VSCode idea: Find in similar files
  25. Self-Hosting File Sync hosting
  26. Writing Habit writing
  27. tmux figuring stuff out tmux linux
  28. bundle install fails updating json ruby annoyances
  29. Clean git history doesn't really matter git
  30. Online Pull Quotes writing
  31. Learning to swim again health swimming
  32. Svelte First Impressions javascript svelte frontend
  33. Web Chess with Vue and Firebase frontend vue
  34. Dual-booting Linux and OSX linux
  35. Start updates